Astroid heading this way…let’s name it!



Seriously, not my first reaction, but ok.

NASA revealed it has identified a potentially dangerous near-earth astroid it anticipates could collide with our lovely planet in the year 2182. Even more perplexing, NASA has launched a contest, calling on students under age 18 from around the world to NAME the threatening astroid. Apparently NASA is hoping the contest will engage the next generation of  scientists, inspiring them to pursue space science.

In addition to hosting the contest to name the astroid (currently known as 101955 1999 RQ36) the space agency is hoping to visit it with an unmanned probe that will collect samples of the space rock and return them home. The expedition is scheduled to launch in 2016, and is expected to cost at least $800 million. According to proponents of the expedition, samples brought back by the mission could help scientists unlock some of the mysteries of the solar system’s origin some 4.5 billion years ago, and the organic molecules that may have led to life on Earth. NASA is also planning to launch astronauts to an asteroid by the year 2025.

So there you have it. There’s an astroid heading this way. It could destroy out planet in 170 years. And NASA wants your children to enter a contest to name it. Please, for the love of polar bears, do not let this opportunity go by! Have your children submit a name!

I’m the first admit that this is a little disturbing, but I see this as a publicity opportunity for the prepper movement and encourage you all to draw attention to this potential apocalyptic event, perhaps even noting that this isn’t the only astroid on a near-earth trajectory (more to come on that). This may also be a good way to begin educating your children about what prepping really “means” and the types of events you are preparing for.

Full contest details can be found here.



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