Top Older Apocalyptic Movies

tank girl


With movies like Seeking a Friend For the End of the World and Zombieland coming onto the scene, I thought it might be prudent to remind ya’ll of some of the greats – the ones we ourselves have drawn inspiration from. Have a read – the films are listed in no particular order – and watch the ones which sound interesting to you. And definitely watch Tank Girl as it is bomb.

1. Tank Girl – It’s 2033 and, ever since a gigantic meteor hit the Earth, the world just hasn’t been the same. The decidedly dull world is under the control of a villain that controls all the planet’s water. All this changes however, when The Rippers (an army of mutant half human half kangaroo soldiers) and Tank Girl begin to upset the balance power.

2. Mad Max – In this bleak dystopian future, a ruthless bikeer gang rules the road, terrorizing everyone who gets in their way. Tables turn, however when the gang attacks Officer Max Rockatansky’s best friend and family sending him on a rage fuelled frenzy that sees him savagely hunting them down one by one.

3. Dawn of the Dead – One George A Romero’s original zombie movies, the film follows a group of survivors fleeing the zombie outbreak who barricade themselves in a mall and their ensuing struggle to build a new life.

4. Planet of the Apes – The original, please. You know the story – three astronauts crash-land on an unknown planet where they are eventually captured by Gorillas on horseback. The trio are taken to Ape City where they discover the apes are in control of the hunted or enslaved humans. It’s not until the end of the movie that we discover our heros actually crash-landed in earth’s future.

5. Waterworld – All the ice caps have melted and Earth has become a seemingly endless ocean, leaving the remnants of the population struggling to survive in a world without land. Our loner hero finds a young woman and a girl in his charge and off they sail, facing pirates and the open seas in search of hope.

6. A Boy & His Dog – In post-nuclear 2024, we follow Vic and his dog as they scavenge the barren wasteland of Earth for food and supplies. They eventually are discovered by a mysterious girl who brings them to an underground city that has flourished away from the radioactive surface. Unfortunately, things in the city are not as wonderful as they seem.

7. The Quiet Earth – Explores how a person can go mad when he realizes he’s the only one left on Earth following a terrible catastrophe.



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