Survivalist Technology Corner: Wearable gadgets

As usual, the high-tech world is attempting to eradicate many of the problems facing modern society and unsurprisingly some of the world’s most innovative minds have come up with some sick gadgets that just may prove useful in the post-world. Be warned, these are all still prototypes, but they certainly address potential concerns we preppers may face when attempting to beat the odds.

Wearable clean air bubble:

air bubble


This “dress” was developed as a personal air service for women to help provide cleaner air to the wearer. The University of Sheffield has been working on similar dresses which contain catalytic converters purifying the air around the wearer. The use-case for such technology is clear – in many apocalyptic situations the post-world air could be so polluted humans would be unable to breath it in. In such cases respirators and even bubble-dresses could be life-savers.

LED solar power necklace:

solar necklace

via Inhabitat

This necklace of light-weight solar panels gathers energy from the sun to light the wearer using incorporated LED lights at night. A few small modifications and this could be a multi-port, multi-cell charging unit for some of the gear mentioned in our first technology corner. Plus it looks pretty and everyone needs some pretty in their life.

Electro-gauntlet thing:

taser sleeve

via Dvice

I am honestly baffled that this even exists. It’s a laser pointer, video camera, and taser all rolled up into one sturdy and rechargeable package. Perfect for scaring competitors out of their whits or protecting yourself non-lethally at close range.

And that’s just a small sampling of what’s going on in the survival tech world right now. Stick around for more!



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