Survivalist Technology Corner: The ZERO Kit

It’s happend. Someone has produced, packaged, and sold the ultimate technologically advanced zombie survival kit. Scientific supply company Optics Planet is now selling its ZERO Kit (Zombie Extermination, Research, and Operations Kit) and it costs a whopping $24,000.

Sure, it contains gun accessories and the like, but there is so much more….

According to the website the ZERO Kite contains everything a prospective zombie apocalypse survivor needs to battle and study the zombie menace. From basic survival gear to hard-core weaponry to lab equipment this kit has got you covered.

After watching the video on the cite you quickly realize the ZERO Kit is joke (please be a joke) but the gimmick certainly raises a couple of interesting points.

First, this kit contains dozens of high-tech tools – watches, medical research equipment, etc – and, though cool, we need to keep in mind that without means to build or find replacement parts these items are only temporary fixes. No matter what technologies are available to you at the onset of the apocalypse it is unlikely they will still work after a generation and it is important that you learn to survive without them. Even if they are really awesome.

Second, accuracy is often for important than sure firepower. Many commenters note the kit provides means to make ammo (great long term option assuming you have access to metals with a low melting point and a ton of gun powder) and multiple laser sights but no actual guns. Knives and bludgeoning weapons are available but no guns. While disconcerting at first, this is logical. You will always be more deadly with greater accuracy. The better your aim, the fewer shots you take. The closer your range, the better your accuracy. Knives and bludgeoning weapons are essential for these reasons but they also make less noise and thus attract less attention. Plus, it’s unlikely that Optics Planet has the correct licensing to “sell” guns. Regardless, if you think you’ll be using a weapon in the post-world, practice using it effectively – safely and on paper or cardboard targets – while you have the chance.

Third, pack light. Sure the kit includes storage bags but a lot of this stuff is heavy. No way I’m gonna be able to carry half of it myself. If you’re planning to build your entire life around the pending apocalypse and have hunkered down with your family on a self-sustaining farm with multiple water sources and nuclear bunker than more power to you; get a ZERO kit. If you’re like the majority of preppers and take a more casual, socially normal, stance on your preps than you’re probably not currently living in your ideal survival location and this kit would be impractical. As we’ve stressed in the past, be very certain that you are strong enough to carry all your necessary gear long distances BY YOURSELF.

Despite these concerns I think Optics Planet has done a really cheeky thing here. The product is original and interesting and has the community talking. Not bad at all. Tell us: What’s in your ZERO Kit?

– Wren


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