Detroit: Your future zombie holiday destination

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Motor city is well on its way to becoming known for something else: zombies. This seems rather appropriate, as Detroit (or at least large segments of it) have been referred to as a “zombie city” in the past few years. The housing best and steady erosion of the American car industry have left this once mighty municipality on the edge of fiscal disaster. What better way to pull themselves out of the budgetary hole than by adding real live zombies to the city.

You can start off by learning how to survive the impending zombie doom by taking a class at Michigan State University. “Surviving the Coming Zombie Disaster – Catastrophes and Human Behavior,” offers a psychological perspective on how people will react during and after the apocalypse. This insight into the human mind could be invaluable during the real apocalypse, allowing you to spot those who will thrive and the members of your party that may be slowly driven insane under the stress.

A deeper understanding of human behavior and the habits of those around you could also be extremely useful in identifying the small changes in behavior that indicate the early effects of the zombie virus. Never underestimate the usefulness of being able to identify a potential zombie before they have a chance to attack.

Once you’ve completed the class, you will hopefully be able to put your new skills to the test in Zombie Land. Entrepreneur Mark Siwak has big plans for the city’s abandoned neighborhoods – he wants to transform them into a live-action zombie experience. After being trapped in a large area of abandoned buildings (factories, houses, etc.), visitors to the park will be chased by “professional” zombies (no word yet on when the hiring for zombie positions will begin).

Visitors will be forced to fend for themselves by hiding in the abandoned buildings. As of now, the park is still in the concept stage, so it is unclear if it will be a multi-day (and therefore night) experience. It is also unclear if the visitors will have any means to fend off a potential zombie attack.

We’ll continue to monitor the developments of Zombie Land closely and report back on any news. Until then, enjoy your weekend and avoid what has the potential to be another heat-related mini-pocalypse.



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