Survive the apocalypse, guaranteed; move to Mars

A Dutch company has come up with a virtually fool-proof way to help mankind survive the apocalypse. The team behind Mars One intends to establish a human community on Mars by 2023. Not astronaut way-station. A community.

According to the website, a habitable settlement will be established on red planet before settlers arrive. Then, after the first new martians arrive in 2023, additional ship-fulls of settlers can be expected arrive every two years, growing the community up in a fashion similar to the early growth of the American colonies.

Keep in mind that I make the comparison lightly given that settlers are currently slated to arrive only 4 at a time – that’s pretty slow growth – but none-the-less the concept is phenomenal. While we have  as a species have collectively managed to set a person on the moon exactly 6 times no one has ever been to Mars. Even more spectacular perhaps is that settlers are expected to stay on mars for the remainder of their lives. This, according to a spokesperson for Mars One, is what makes the venture possible where other Mars missions have been infeasible.

To make it even more interesting the company has decided that partial funding for the project will come from the surrounding “media spectacular.” Essentially we will be looking at the largest scale reality television undertaking ever produced. Bigger even then Kim Kardashian’s “wedding.” Both the preparations for the settlement and life once the settlement is formed will be televised.

The remainder of the funding is expected to come from the private sector. Mars One is in the process of confirming financial and material baking with numerous aerospace firms to help – literally – get the project of the ground. No governments will be involved.

So, who get’s to go to Mars in 2023? Prospective martians must endure 10 years of astronautical training including isolation training. Once they are cleared to go, settlers will spend 7 months in transit to their new home where they will settle in to become space researchers and engineers.

Unfortunately, for the time being, the average human will not be able to move to Mars. But imagine the possibilities: When we think about the apocalypse we typically think of something happening TO earth. With the exception of the sun exploding/imploding or genocidal aliens attacking, a settlement on Mars (equipped with certain life-maintaining technologies) could feasibly outlast the apocalypse.
The habitats will be large enough to house trees, increased arrival rates will allow for the normalization and diversification of society and genes, hydroponics systems will create self-sustaining biospheres. Hell, the company could even arrange for certain varieties of animals and bugs to be sent to the colony to help maintain healthy growth cycles. And you know what? I don’t think any potential aliens would be immediately genocidal. It would be illogical.
Anyway, start prepping your children – or future children – for a life in outer space because, as with all things, once this project takes off it won’t be long until middle-class America has the chance to participate.

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