10 Flavors of the Apocalypse: Debunking the Mayan Myth. Finally.

mayan calendar

Image via National Geographic

As you know we recently posted an analysis of the popular Mayan-doomsday theory ultimately concluding that it is supremely unlikely that the Mayans predicted the end of the world for later this year. Well folks, the verdict’s in and it looks like Kennedy and I were correct!

Reports have been streaming in from across the media-scape claiming that researchers in Guatemala have uncovered a mural containing numerous calculations and symbols that the Mayan’s used to track time – and these calculations indicate dates many thousands of years after 2012. So that’s that folks. No Mayan doomsday this year.

Of course, the archeologists’s findings have far greater social and cultural meaning beyond their implications for Mayan-doomsday fans. The room in which the ancient calendar was discovered appears to be an ancient workspace where the researchers suspect that the Mayans created books that have long since disintegrated. Drawing on past studies indicating that the Mayans charted the movements of the solar system in order to predict the outcomes of events in their societies; the researchers now predict that such rooms were used to record these predictions and that the Mayan calendar so famously predicting doomsday was a reflection on the creators’ then-present-day concerns.

Ninth century Maya, researchers say, where likely attempting to predict the outcomes of plague, draught, and political turmoil and simply landed where they landed with the oft cited calendar (which as we mentioned previously has been largely misinterpreted regardless).

While this will come as blow to many a believer the rest of us can rest assured that we still have a little more time (hopefully) to prepare for a REAL apocalypse. Of course, this does mean that certain tourist destinations cashing in on Mayan-doomsday will probably have to take down their count-down clocks. What a shame.

For more on the findings you can check out the original citation in Science

– Wren


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  1. elmer says :

    Well we’re in for more good news I think..

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