What would you do if you only had 8 minutes?

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Sometimes I like to check in on my life by asking myself “If I had just 8 minutes to get gone right now what would I do?” The thing is, as hard as we try, we can’t be prepared for TEOTWAWKI at every second of every day. The thing is, as hard as we try, we can only ‘prep’ for so much. We believe that challenging yourself to think through the worst case scenario not only keeps your mind active but is also essential to having a complete apocalypse-survival plan.

To help myself out when thinking through my 8-minute plans I take the a few precautions. I keep a single quart-size bag of supplies on my person at all times (I carry a big purse). Said bag contains: a 4ft length of twine, a fold of duct tape, a multi-use pocket tool, iodine tablets, several sizes of bandaids, matches, an emergency blanket, and pictures of my mother, my dog, and me and Kennedy. And yes, it all fits. I’m an excellent packer.

With that plastic bag in mind I do what I can to create an escape plan for every point in my weekly routine: When I’m on the bus, wandering the aisles at the grocery store, or sitting in the airport.

Another precaution that I like to take is, of course, skill gathering. And I’m not just talking survival skills – those are great but if you’re trying to be prepared to bug out at any second it also helps if you’re comfortable driving any kind of motorized vehicle you can get your hands on. It helps if you at least know the theory of a hot-wire. It helps to have a map of your area, for about a 50 mile radius, in your mind so you don’t get lost. Hell, it helps, to know how to negotiate.

So this week, this is what I challenge you to think about: Wherever you are, if you had just 8 minutes to act, 8 minutes to augment your supplies, 8 minutes to make your last phone call, 8  minutes to pick a direction, what would you do? Let us know.



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About theurbanapocalypse

We are two urbanites on a mission: To survive. We believe that the apocalypse is coming and that everyone has what they need to survive in the aftermath...they just don't know how to use it. Our purpose with this blog is to provide readers with the handy information they need to be prepared. Now before you write us off as crazy; know that we are just like you. Wren is a PR professional living on the west coast. She's active, clever, artistic, has an awesome dog, and thinks that cheese is the best food on the planet. Kennedy is in Finance on the east coast. She's an amazing cook, planner, yoga enthusiast, wine lover, and is the smarter, more down to earth of the two.

One response to “What would you do if you only had 8 minutes?”

  1. teotw101 says :

    I never thought of it being like that I have always thought I would have a half hour or so.

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