Belize 2012: A Modern Mayan Experience

Photo source: Anoldent

Although Wren and I are not convinced the end of the Mayan calendar is the greatest apocalyptic threat facing mankind, we think it still makes for a good story. Apparently the Belize Tourism Broad agrees with us as it has chosen “Maya 2012” as the theme of its new tourism campaign.

Belize, which I was surprised to learn still has a small Mayan population, offers pristine beaches, untouched jungles, and the best diving this side of Australia. The Maya have been present in Belize since approximately 1500 BC and the country has several ancient temples for visitors to explore.  Some hotels and tour guides will also arrange a visit to one of the remaining Mayan communities, for those who are interested in getting a true understanding of the culture.

Or if you’re wondering how to make your wedding truly unique, you can participate in a group wedding celebrating Mayan culture on December 12 (12/12/12). While the packages for the bridal couple and wedding guests aren’t cheap, they are comparable to the price of an average wedding in the United States. What better way to spend the last nine days before the apocalypse than on your honeymoon? (Though the aftermath could be ugly, particularly if you forget your survival kit at home).

Those of us who won’t be making it to Belize in 2012 can only hope that the Mayans were wrong and the apocalypse holds off long enough for us to get a chance to visit. The Belize Tourism Board seems to think there will be a 2013 and is offering Maya 2012 passports valid for historic sites until December 21, 2013. Considering the entire campaign revolves around the Mayan calendar, that seems just a little cheeky to me.



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2 responses to “Belize 2012: A Modern Mayan Experience”

  1. teotw101 says :

    That sounds pretty sweet spending/dedicating a week or so to TEOTWAWKI, on a beautiful island filled some relics and such

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