Find that special someone to survive with

coupleDo you regularly have to employ tactics from our post on how to talk about the apocalypse without sounding crazy? Do you run a little anxious whenever you have guests over because you really don’t want them to notice your stores of fresh water and food? Do you always hedge when people ask you about what keeps you motivated to work out because you don’t want to admit that you’ve been training for years to be able to bug-out? Then have we ever got something for you.

 If you aren’t quite as fortunate as Kennedy and I and you haven’t yet found a friend with whom you could openly share your doomsday obsession then you might want to try one of the prepper-community specific dating sites below.

These sites, today highlighted by, will help all of us enthusiasts solve one very important survivalist problem: who are you going to survive with?

Just this Easter my I started an argument at my family’s dinner table on survivalism and just this Easter my brothers and I determined that we would not be able to be in the same group for more than about 24hrs after the apocalypse occurred because our survival strategies are so very different (they are both rather hot-blooded where my cold-and-calculating streak goes to my bones). The fact is that being a member of a group that you don’t disagree vehemently with and which contains members with complementary skills is just as important (if not more so) than the skills and supplies you yourself bring to the post-apocalyptal table. So start planing your strategy and your team now.

While Kennedy and I are lucky to have each other to bounce ideas off of, let’s face it, from opposite sides of the country all we can really do is hope that the other survives. Who knows, maybe we’ll benefit from these sites as well!



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About theurbanapocalypse

We are two urbanites on a mission: To survive. We believe that the apocalypse is coming and that everyone has what they need to survive in the aftermath...they just don't know how to use it. Our purpose with this blog is to provide readers with the handy information they need to be prepared. Now before you write us off as crazy; know that we are just like you. Wren is a PR professional living on the west coast. She's active, clever, artistic, has an awesome dog, and thinks that cheese is the best food on the planet. Kennedy is in Finance on the east coast. She's an amazing cook, planner, yoga enthusiast, wine lover, and is the smarter, more down to earth of the two.

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