Top Travel Destinations for Doomsday Enthusiasts

Photo Credit: Wiki Commons

Looking to plan your next holiday? If you’re planning on traveling in December 2012, or would simply like an apocalyptic-themed vacation, we’ve found the perfect spot for you.

The Pic de Bugarach has an interesting history and possibly an even more exciting future in store. In addition to inspiring Journey to the Center of the Earth and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, some believe Bugarach is home to aliens that will rescue a small portion of humanity from the impending apocalypse and deliver the lucky few to a new civilization.

The unique mountain has an “upside down” geography, as the rocks at the peak are older than those at lower elevations. Scientists explain this anomaly as the product of an ancient eruption that literally blew the top off the mountain. Its bizarre geography has given rise to many rumors about Bugarach and earned the admiration of many people. It has also given the French government cause for concern, as they believe cults may attempt to organize a mass suicide ritual on December 21, 2012, the predicted date of the Mayan Apocalypse.

CNN has also examined the mountain’s charm: 

Whether you choose to visit Pic de Bugarach in the hopes of being saved by an alien race, or merely to enjoy the beautiful scenery, the mountain is clearly an exciting way to shake up the usual European travels.

If you happen to me more interested in the “Mayan” flavor of the apocalypse consider stoping in at Chichen Itza in Mexico. The name od this most famous of the Mayan ruins can be translated as “the mouth of the well” or “the edge” and was one of the most powerful and most mystical of the Mayan cities.

And while you’re at it, be sure to visit Mexico City where the calendar predicting doomsday on the 21st of December 2012 was actually discovered. The city has installed a countdown clock to the exact date predicted by the ancient calendar and considering that they predicted they predicted the event I imagine it’ll occur in their timezone.

Finally, if you’ve realized that the apocalypse this year (note THIS YEAR) is scheduled for the winter solstice perhaps you should consider Stone Henge as a destination. Theories of the formation of Stone Henge range from completely unknowable to aliens. Some (and, there’s a movie about this) believe that Stone Henge may even trigger the apocalypse. If it does, we recommend you be there to find out.

– Kennedy


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