Survivalist Uses for Household Items: Part 1


Did you know that most modern Americans are already equipped with a lot of useful tools to help them survive the apocalypse? I bet you didn’t. This post will be the first in a series of round-ups of household items and their potential post-purposes. Check out that alliteration. Anyways…while many of these alternative uses for household items may seem straightforward it’s important to keep them top-of-mind when preparing for the end of the world (as we know it).

Shower Curtain: Do you have an open tub/shower combo with a plastic shower curtain? You’re currently using that curtain to keep water off your bathroom floor when you take a shower but post-apocalypse you could be using it as a makeshift shelter. Imagine: You’ve  had to abandon your home, you were only able to take as much gear as you could easily carry, you’ve been trekking for days trying to find a safe zone…and now it’s raining. Great. What do you do? You whip out your handy dandy ex-shower curtain and string it between some trees, shrubs, or rocks and you and your survival group huddle beneath it until the rain stops. It really is that easy to stay dry (and thus warmer)! Think about it; shower curtains are lightweight, WATERPROOF, easy to fold into fairly small packages, and surprisingly large. In addition to making a decent shelter you can use them as a rain slicker, rain catcher (for drinking water), or perhaps even modify them into environment appropriate clothing. But really, I recommend saving your shower curtain for shelter. You’ll need it.

Men’s Neck Ties: No joke. The fibers in those things are strong. Very strong. String a few together and you have strong rope to hang supplies from a tree to keep them away from animals. You could bind wounds or tie a truncate. Reduce some of them to single strands of silk thread and use it for sutures if someone gets injured. Whatever you do, don’t burn them. Ties really are far too valuable a thing to waste in a post-apocalyptal world.

Plastic Bags: Similar to the Shower Curtain, plastic bags are valuable primarily for keep things dry. Matches, spare clothes, food, old photos that you couldn’t stand to throw away or leave. Anything of that sort. Keeping your supplies dry may make all the difference between survival and…well…not…. If you’re on your way out the door, probably for good, make sure to stop and grab half a dozen. They hardly way a thing and are unbelievably useful.

Something Pretty: Not all survival is of the body. You have to keep your soul alive too. Whatever that means for you make sure you pack something that you can pull out and look at to remind yourself of better days. Me, I know that I’ll wrap my smallest wind chimes in a sock and take them with me, assuming I one day see the apocalypse. Just make sure that you remember that surveil is holistic. Community, wonder, beauty. Still necessary.

More useful tips and tricks to come soon!



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About theurbanapocalypse

We are two urbanites on a mission: To survive. We believe that the apocalypse is coming and that everyone has what they need to survive in the aftermath...they just don't know how to use it. Our purpose with this blog is to provide readers with the handy information they need to be prepared. Now before you write us off as crazy; know that we are just like you. Wren is a PR professional living on the west coast. She's active, clever, artistic, has an awesome dog, and thinks that cheese is the best food on the planet. Kennedy is in Finance on the east coast. She's an amazing cook, planner, yoga enthusiast, wine lover, and is the smarter, more down to earth of the two.

2 responses to “Survivalist Uses for Household Items: Part 1”

  1. rmactsc says :

    Very interesting tips.

  2. Victor Tookes says :

    A great perspective on survival. Thankyou.

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